I regret that this applet does not work in Internet Explorer 5 and perhaps some other browsers. It starts generating but raises an error and does not finish. This is because IE5 does not use an up to date version of java. It you have Java installed on your computer you can download this applet and run it as a java application.
This applet enables you to create images containing text headers. It has been written to generate titles for webpages and it is currently used for all headers on this page. The applet shows several input fields: Color can be specified by name (valid names are "black","blue","cyan","darkgray","gray","green", "lightgray","magenta","orange","pink","red","white" and "yellow"). They can also be specified by a hexadecimal number (for instance FFFFFF for white) or as three integers between 0 and 255 for the red,green and blue value.


The program to generate these images can do a lot more effects than used in this demo. It is in fact a complete library for dealing with bitmap images. You can download it.
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