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Computer programming is can be the most satisfying and frustrating intellectual passtime available. It all started for me with a chess programming and other games. Later on I became more interested in programming language interpreters, cryptography and other stuff. At this pages I provide a list of the programs I have written.

CKI prolog

A few years ago I wrote a prolog interpreter as a java applet. This program is successful in the sense that it shows that it can be done, but the performance is a bit slow. It is made in a rather personal coding style, which may make it hard to read. Enjoy and let me know what you think! [download CKI prolog]

Liverpool Forth

applet Forth is a very simple interpreted language and it lies at the heart of postscript. I have written a forth interpreter to see whether that is really as easy as they say. It is much easier than writing for instance a prolog interpreter, so Forth seems to be a good language for embedding in other systems.


library applet Together with Ernst van Rheenen I wrote this program, which is basically a library of graphics primitives that can for instance be used to generate fancy web site headings. This library is used in textmaker, an applet for creating fancy headings.
textmaker example


java file publickey.java I am interested in cryptography / cryptology and actually have a library of Java cryptography code. The link above is an academic example and I do not recommend using it for protecting valuable data. If you have some cryptographic consulting needs, contact me, perhaps I can help.


Sim Privacy In order to support a paper about strategies to invade and protect privacy, I wrote a simulation that uses a SimCity perspective on agents tha try to protect their privacy. Feel free to play with it.
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