New York

Columbia University

I was in Ney York to attend the AAMAS conference and this conference was organised at Columbia University. This is a leading member of the Ivy League of rich and posh American universities. Therefore the university campus is well-equiped with impressive monumental buildings, all named after the class or person who donated the money. My room in a student housing building was less impressive, but it was in Manhattan so I cannot complain.
The Low library is the central building of the Columbia campus.
Here I am in fron of the alma mater statue.

Central Park

The main thing that sets Central park apart from competition in other cities is its sheer size: It would take hours to walk through it. I really enjoyed this park and have crossed it often.
On the first full day in Ney York I decided to go through central park on foot. Things look small on the map, but things turned out to be big in real life. This is the lake in the middle of park, surrounded by a jogging track. You see a lot of people walking or cycling in the park, but the weather in July is so hot and humid that I decided just to walk slowly.
This statue of Alice in Wonderland figures was recommended for children in my travel guide, so I could not resist it:-). It is close to The Pond, where people sail their radio controlled boats.
This is the view from the castle. I came here by walking past the swedish cottage, through the Shakespeare garden. One could spend a week in Central Park alone.
This circular mosaic was placed here to remember John Lennon, the beatle who was shot here. It only contains the word imagine, and is decorated with flowers by an anonymous artist. This part of the park is called Strawberry Fields, also in honor of John Lennon.


Manhattan has a lot of museums so a selection had to be made. I first went to the Guggenheim museum. This museum is most famous for its circular design but it also had a few nice modern paintings (I enjoyed Mondriaan, Kandinsky and Picasso). Unfortunately I have no pictures. Then I went to the Natural History Museum and The Metropolitan museum. Finally I have made some pictures in the NY public library.
One of the most impressive items of the Museum of Natural History is their set of stuffed elephants.
This museum also has a large collection of dinosaur skeletons, from very small to indeed very large. Here is a triceratops.
The metropolitan museum has an internal `statue garden' that contains for instance this statue of three bears.
They also have modern art.


Dinner with friends, part 1, including Simon, Gery Gutnik, Katie and Harry
and part 2, with Mark, Martijn and Steve.
The invited talk by Wiebe van der Hoek
People at the banquet, including Peter McBurney and Mark D'Inverno.
Steve, Peter, Sieuwert, Simon, Katie, Mark, Rogier, Martijn
Iyad and two other people outside Grant's memorial
Outside at the banquet, overlooking New Jersey


The view from the pier on New Jersey
I went to Ground Zero to see what it was like, but actually it is just a big hole in the ground with a big fence around it. They seem to have started on the new building.
This otherwise friendly bar proudly displayed its sword of justice and insufficient money.
Next year's AAMAS will be in Utrecht, home of Miffy.
This lion guards the Ney York public library.
This picture is taken inside the NY public library. I enjoyed the museum-like atmosphere in this library, and their special exhibitions. It is much more than an ordinary public library.
The bull statue at Wall street
A picture from a bus. Buses are very nice to see Manhattan, but it takes hours to get across. I took the bus once because the metro was closed.

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