ESSLLI Summerschool Nancy

pictures by Sieuwert van Otterloo. Click on the pictures to view or download medium resolution versions. For high resolution versions, or more pictures, please send me an email.
The ESLLII summerschool on logic, language and information took place in Nancy, at this campus. Here the weather was nice. And here are some of the participants: Harald, Nivea, Osan and Flanna, Hanno, Oana and Jeroen
One of the party nights, including Eelco, Elsie, Clemens and others Same party, now Hanno and Nadiya. and Flanna, Harald, Bruno.
Pictures at the ecole de Nancy arts museum: Kathia and Sieuwert Then Kathia, Ed, Gustavo, Aljona. and finally with Marthe.
The view from the Hotel de Ville (city hall), overlooking Place Stanislas Here without Hanno. This is Nancy's main square The statue is king Stanislas, Grand-Duke of Lorraine
Place Stanislas by night Here Merlijn expresses his views on the French language to Clemens while Nick and Yoav look approvingly.
The view over Nancy at the campus. People relaxing very late at night (Hanno, Elspeth, Harald) and Alessio, Sieuwert and Wiebe in the tram
Jori, Geert, Lonneke and I played pool at the esslli party Here Geert scores points And finally Geert and Merlijn
Johan van Benthem gave an invited talk One of the evening lectures, the lady with the weird hair and Carsten Lutz, who gave a course on description logics
Balder ten Cate: The fish was this big... The captivated audience... had sometimes problems staying awake
A bowling night: with Clemens, Kathia, Boris, Nick, ... Nadiya, Kachie, Shorena and Laura and finally champaign for the organisers:Patrick and Carlos (in orange)

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