The goal

The goal of the puzzle is to place every bead in the circle of its own color. To help you, the beads and rings have numbers. You can also try to match the numbers in the beads and beside the rings, if you have difficluties discriminating the colors.

How to play

The only thing you can do is swap two beads by clicking on the bead inbetween. So if you click a bead its two neighbours change places. In the image on the right you see how bead 1 and 4 change places when the user clicks bead two.

What next?

This first puzzle is not really hard, but once you solve this puzzle of 5 beads, a larger and thus harder puzzle appears. There are puzzles of 7,9,11,13, 15 and 17 beads.


The string a beads belonged to a beautyful princes. It was given to her by a fairy, and she was very carefull with it. But one day, a mean vilain put a poisonous cherry on her ice-cream. The princess fell asleep after she ate it, and the vilain took the string.
The vilain allmost got away with his evil deed, but luckily one young brave man, the garden boy, saw what happened. He followed the vilain, tried to stop the vilain while he was climbing the palace walls, and managed to pull the vilain's trowsers down. The vilain dropped the string of beads while grabbing his pants, tumbled from the palace wall to the outside of the palace, and limbed away. The string was broken, and all beads were scattered over the ground. The garden boy gathered them and brought them back to the princess, who had woke up. She was very displeased that the string was broken, shouted at him that he should have been more careful, and told him he should reorder the string of beads, or otherwise the guards would cut his head off.


This puzzle has been invented and programmed by Sieuwert van Otterloo. You can contact me if you have any questions or comments.


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