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Filters are operations where the value of each pixel depends on some neighbourhood of that pixel. Blurring and edge detection are good examples.


void blur(int size,int times)

blur the image: smoothen transitions and remove edges. size is the size of the filter: a larger filter gives more blur. times is the number of times filtering must take place. Filtering a number of times gives more blur. If you don't know what to do, choose size and times equal, for instance 3 or 5.

double[][] newblurfilter(int sx,int sy)

Create a blurfilter that can be used in convolute.

void convolute(double[][] d, boolean evenodd)

apply a linear filter to the image. d a matrix of coefficients. The numbers in it can be positive or negative, and preferrably add up to 1. boolean evenodd: does not matter if you are filtering once or with an oddsized filter. If you repeatedly filter with an evensized filter, let it switch: true, false, true, false, ...

void scatter(int hsize,int vsize)

apply a distortion that moves pixels around

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