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void colorreplace(int oldv,int newv)

replace the oldv pixelvalue with the newv pixelvalue

void colorreplace(int rmin,int rmax,int gmin, int gmax,int bmin, int bmax, int amin, int amax,int newv)

give all pixels that fall in the given boundaries the newv value Pixels are replaced if rmin<=red<rmax, gmin<=green<gmax,etc.

void colorreplace(int oldv,Image24 im2)

replace a color by the given image. The image is repeated if it is too small

void replacegradient(int oldv,int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2, int c1,int c2)

replace oldv with a gradient color: x1,y1 will have color c1, * x2,y2 will have color c2, inbetween pixels will get a color inbetween.

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